Electric Powered -Tesla S Model versus Gasoline Powered Mercedes SLK

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Electric- Tesla S Model
Gasoline- Mercedes SLK
A car fueled by an electric battery is powered by the battery that it contains. The battery gains power from being plugged into a typical electric outlet. The batteries are also connected to the pedals the driver pushes down. When the pedal is pushed, the controller in the car pulls the electricity the battery is holding and applies it to the engine to power the vehicle
A car fueled by a typical gasoline engine runs differently than an electric. Instead of having a battery to power the engine, the car uses an internal combustion unit to propel the car. The gasoline that the owner adds to the vehicle is heated by the combustion unit and is mixed with oxygen to power the engine. When the driver pushes the pedal down, that activates the combustion unit.
The fuel source of an electric vehicle is electricity. This can come from a variety of sources. The car gains if from a fueling station or from the owners electrical outlets. But, the energy that is pulled from those places is made from Nuclear Power Plants, Coal plants, and many other non renewable resources. The process of creating the electricity can cause some environmental issues such as releasing excess carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. But, some comes from resources that are renewable which are things like wind, solar, and hydro power.
A gasoline powered vehicle is powered by just that, gasoline. It is from petroleum and oil that is found deep in the ground
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