Electric Rays On The Cranial Surface

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In the Roman Empire era, physicians suggested the application of electric rays on the cranial surface to treat conditions. This ancient practice was first utilized by the physician of Emperor Claudius, Scribonius Largo in 46 AD. The electrical torpedo fish was used to treat headaches and arthritic symptoms. The fish would be applied to affected areas which would numb or paralyze the injury. It was also used by placing the injured part of the body in a pool of water with the fish that would cause electric currents or shocks. The electric shocks would stun the affected skin, spine or brain structures and immediately numb the affected area providing instant and temporary relief. Electricity developed into a new methodology of treating…show more content…
The scientific researchers used animals to examine the cortical cortex which defined electrical stimulation as a use to induce muscle contractions. After this successful find researches began to conduct human experiments. This resulted in several studies that lead to a detailed and exact picture of how the human brain functioned.
On the other side of the treatment identified the use of brain stimulation as a therapeutic treatment for patients with psychoses and depression. In the 1930’s, new experiments and procedures were introduced to treat severe psychoses in mentally ill patients. There was no real medical treatment or medicine which is now available. So they began to use electroshock or electroconvulsive therapy to treat these patients who could not identify what exactly troubled them. The electroshock involved the use of applying an electrical pulse to the scalp which stimulates the brain cells. This led some physicians to believe that this method could be used to calm uncontrollable and disorderly patients down.
This started the era of lobotomies which involved drilling holes in the skull, pushing a sharp instrument through and cutting connections from the frontal lobes to the brain. The surgeon would sweep this from side to side, to cut the connections between the frontal lobes and the rest of the brain which would render the patient somewhat in a robot like state. Lobotomies have been highly publicized and used as a good movie plot in
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