Electric Streetcar Timeline

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Electric Streetcar Era 1892-Present Ownership Timeline San Francisco and San Mateo Electric Railway 1892-1902 Geary Street, Park & Ocean Railway 1878-1912 United Railroads 1901-1912 Market Street Railway Company 1918-1944 San Francisco Municipal Railway (Muni) 1912-present New electric streetcar technology proved cheaper to build and operate than the cable car, and capable of climbing all but San Francisco's steepest hills The San Francisco and San Mateo Electric Railway, the first electrically powered streetcar system in San Francisco began operation in 1892. In 1893 when Leland Stanford died, the Sutter Street Railroad Company was taken over by the Southern Pacific Railroad. The company was renamed to the Market Street Railway…show more content…
The blocks from Broadway to Green were too steep for electric cars to ascend and descend unaided; the counterbalance solved the problem. Passengers would transfer from double truck electric cars at the top of the hill to a single truck car attached to the cable by a plow. When the car reached the bottom of the hill, it released the plow and ran on to Bay Street. The counterbalance was the only United Railroads line which directly reached the 1915 Panama Pacific Exposition, held at the Marina. The 19-Polk came within a block of the eastern entrance. URR had all the single truck cars rebuilt as Pay as You Enter (PAYE) cars with multiple unit (MU) capability. The cars ran as trains during the Exposition due to the heavy passenger loads. After the URR had become the Market Street Railway, the line was extended to Marina Boulevard on August 29, 1925. MSRy needed to store a weighted dummy car at the Turk and Fillmore car house so there would be a counterbalance car for the last run of the night. A regular 22 Fillmore car towed it out to the top of the hill. The attendant attached it to the cable, and it counterbalanced the last car of the night up the hill. The counterbalance car stayed in the middle of the intersection of Fillmore and Green, marked with a red lantern, all night. Automobiles often ran into it. In the morning, it counterbalanced the first car coming down. Then a regular 22 Fillmore car towed it back to the

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