Electric Vehicles Vs Hybrid Vehicles

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My recommendation report will be focusing on the Electric vehicles versus Hybrid vehicles by keeping in view two criterions. Problem The use of vehicles has solved many of our problems and has facilitated the human kind in many aspects starting from transportation purposes to the time efficiency. If we just be looking at the positive side of the vehicles then the negative aspects of the use of vehicles will be hidden from us. (Hooftman, Oliveira, Messagie, Coosemans, & Mierlo, 2016)The two important aspects that bring negativity in the selection of the vehicles are its effects on environment and also its costs as compared to the benefits it is giving. The paper will select two types of vehicles and will analyze them on the basis of environment concerns and cost/benefit analysis to provide a better solution to select which product is the best. The basic problem which is arising is that which product is most effective to be used which will satisfy both the criteria selected for the analysis. The two criteria selected are actually the 2 most important aspects of selecting any vehicle. Scope The paper compares two vehicles Electric Vehicles and Hybrid Vehicles on the following two criteria; 1. Environmental Concerns 2. Cost/Benefit Analysis The above mentioned 2 criteria will be used to make a comparison and analysis of report of the two vehicles to judge their effectiveness and efficiencies in both the criteria. Discussion Environmental Concerns With the latest advancement in
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