Electric Versus Gasoline Powered Vehicles

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Electric Versus Gasoline Powered Vehicles
Every year we hear about electric cars more and more, and understandably so. With the rising cost of gasoline, and environmental concerns among others, it is not surprising that people would want more energy efficient vehicles. So now that automobile manufacturers have started producing these types of vehicles, how do they compare to their gas powered counter parts?
To answer this question you must first understand how they work, there advantages and disadvantages then you can see how the compare.

Gas Powered Vehicles
Gas powered vehicles have been the standard for over 60 years, they are powered by an eternal combustion engine which use a mixture of air and fuel ignited by a spark to create energy to turn the engine thus powering the vehicle. Technology, engine design, and materials used have changed considerably since the first automobile rolled of the line making modern engines more efficient.

The Upside
Listed below are few of the upsides to a gas powered vehicle.

The Infrastructure Exists: Gas stations are everywhere, as well as stores carrying everything necessary to keep your vehicle running and shops to repair or replace parts.

Fuel Tank Capacity: The amount of fuel a gas powered vehicle can hold enables them to travel great distances on a single tank before needing to refuel.

Cheaper Sticker Price: Gas powered vehicles are typically cheaper to buy than an electric vehicle of comparable size and style.

The Downside…
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