Electrical/Electronics Engineer

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It has evolved over the years, but the principle is still the same. Electrical engineers do a variety of things and some specialize in certain areas. This research will describe the occupation of electrical engineering, and what it takes to be a successful electrical engineer. Other things this research will explain is the impact electrical engineering has on society and the duties of electrical engineers. The employment of electrical engineers is constantly changing. Employment of electrical engineers is projected to increase 4% in the next few years. In 2012 the employment of this particular career field was 166,100; it is projected to increase by at least 7900 by 2022. The employment of job growth is slower than average for all other occupations. Job growth is expected because the engineers’ versatility in developing and using new and emerging technologies. Job opportunities are growing slowly because the slow growth in most manufacturing sectors where engineers are employed. Jobs in engineering service firms will mostly increase because most companies are expected to cut costs by contracting engineering services instead of employing individual engineers. There will also be more jobs due to the fact of all of the new and powerful portable computing devices. The duties of electrical engineers are only to design, develop, test, and supervise the production of electrical equipment. Electrical engineers work with…
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