Electrical Engineering And The Field Of Engineering

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Electrical Engineering is a well-respected and growing field of engineering that centers on the practical application of electricity, electromagnetism and electronics. The field is of considerable necessity to modern life and infrastructure, having applications in many diverse branches of modern life. Some of these include telecommunications, energy and power distribution, transportation, manufacturing and consumer electronics. In this report we will go over the education and coursework requirements, fields of the industry, the work environment, salary, tools of the trade, and professional organizations of electrical engineers. According to Frederick Terman; Electrical Engineering as a discipline first appeared in the United States during the early 1880’s as classes in physics and energy flows intended to prepare students to enter the new and fast growing electrical manufacture industry. As the industry grew, EE education followed. Within ten years the discipline made a place for itself along the more classical engineering departments. An example of the industry’s adaptability to change would be the industry before and after the First World War. Before WWI, work in the industry was concentrated primarily on the distribution of power, building electric infrastructure using the properties of AC and DC circuits. Also before WWI, many students did not opt to take on graduate work. Instead, students typically would obtain a Bachelor’s of Science and learn practical skills in
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