Electrical Engineering Concepts And Not Mechanical Engineering

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As a second year BEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering student a project had to be devised which would consist of Electrical Engineering concepts and not Mechanical Engineering. Groups were made so that tasks could be carried out by each member.
Several project ideas were then made by each group member. The ideas which were thought of by myself included a hybrid solar and wind battery charger, a parking sensor and also remote control blinds (Appendix A). Research had to be carried out on each project idea to see if it would be beneficial for the group to construct the project. After much consideration and setting up multiple meetings with the group, a decision was made that the best option would be go ahead with a home automation system which would run over the internet and Wi-Fi. Several factors were vital in choosing why this project was chosen ahead of other ideas. The project had to be something which had not been chosen previously or chosen by another group. Costing, limited amount of knowledge on tasks which needed to be completed, and the time availability which was given over the course of the year were reasons as to why other project ideas were not chosen and why the home automation suggestion was selected. 1.1 The home automation system ( – include a lot more detail here – this is where your research goes – the real thing)
A home automation system is one that is designed for home owners to have the ability to control electrical circuits wirelessly
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