Electrical Engineering : Electrical Engineer

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Electrical Engineering:

Just like any engineer, electrical engineers are also problem solvers. They design, invent and test newly developed equipment that came from a simple idea. They deal with electricity, electro-magnetism and electronics. Electrical engineers also deal with telecommunication, power, control systems and signal processing. Electrical engineers will usually use computers in order to design their ideas, yet some still prefer to hand draw everything. They will usually focus on products that supply, generate or transmit energy. Comparably to other engineering fields, teamwork is an extremely important aspect of electrical engineering. Electrical engineering has a vide range of different fields just like electronics,
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Apart from having to communicate with different people all around the world, they also have to attend many conferences and seminars in order to keep up with the latest advances in their field. Communication engineers also could work in various different settings just like

Computer Hardware Engineer:

Computer hardware engineer could work in any area of development and research, production, or installation and support. They work on every step of the hardware from the beginning of the idea to the finals design. Computer hardware engineers focus their work mainly towards computer systems, computer chips, modems, circuit boards, and innumerable other parts. Computer hardware engineers that work under the development department develop new types of technology with the basis of new ideas. They help upon the design of the specific project and also help test the different prototypes. After many different testing trials, the computer hardware engineer determines what has to be fixed and/or modified in order to achieve a final product that can be released on the market. It is also the computer hardware engineer’s responsibility to double check if the produced hardware will be viable and compatible with
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