Electrical Engineering : Electrical Engineer

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Electrical Engineering:

Just like any engineer, electrical engineers are also problem solvers. They design, invent and test newly developed equipment that came from a simple idea. They deal with electricity, electro-magnetism and electronics. Electrical engineers also deal with telecommunication, power, control systems and signal processing. Electrical engineers will usually use computers in order to design their ideas, yet some still prefer to hand draw everything. They will usually focus on products that supply, generate or transmit energy. Comparably to other engineering fields, teamwork is an extremely important aspect of electrical engineering. Electrical engineering has a vide range of different fields just like electronics, robotics, computer engineering, ect. In electrical engineering one can dedicate oneself to different processes when trying to make a product. Research engineers in electrical engineering, for example, test and invent in a laboratory while the application engineer might work with only a limited quantity of materials and try to solve a problem with those certain materials. Electrical engineers start of with building a prototype and do many extensive and different types of tests on that specific prototype in order to check flaws and strengths in the prototype before designing the final product.

Communication Engineers:

Communication engineers work in three main areas that include: Internet and computing technologies, networking and…
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