Electrical Engineering Importance

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Electrical engineers are an important part of our lives. According to an article on “Truity”, “Electrical engineers design, develop, test, and supervise the manufacturing of electrical equipment.” Electrical engineers work around forty hours a week and will sometimes work overtime (“State University”). A bachelor’s degree or higher in electrical engineering is needed to get the job. Their median wage is about 71,610 dollars to 75,770 dollars per year (“State University”). They receive a lot of money maybe because it is a hard job to do or are very important. Without them would not have power plants or other things we use on a daily basis. Electrical engineers sometimes make new ways to use electrical power to develop or improve products (“Truity”). Some might say that they are very important in today’s world since technology is used every day. To get a job in electrical engineering, a bachelor’s degree or higher is needed. It takes at least four to five years to get the bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. Some colleges offer classes for electrical engineering. According to an article on “State University”, “Some colleges offer work-study programs in which students receive on-the-job training while they are still in school.” This will improve chances in getting a job in this field. Certain skills are also required for electrical engineering. Electrical engineers must be able to use the principles of calculus and other topics of math while working (“Truity”).
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