Electrical Engineering Research Paper

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Electrical & Electronics Engineers Project Outline

A. The Basis of my future career.
History & Nature of Work (Duties)
A. Electrical & Electronics beginning and effects on daily life.
B. What does Electrical & Electronics Engineers do?
Preparation and Training
A. Basic courses for both electrical and electronics. 1. College Programs-Computer architecture, switching theory, and computer design. 2. Electrical Programs- Mathematics and science more than technology and technician programs.
B. What should you try to learn early before College and what should you decide to do in college. 1.In High school you should take classes in mathematics, physical sciences, physics, and chemistry. 2. Starting
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Electrical components of equipment provide power. Electronic components of equipment provide power. Electronic components control the equipment, although many types of equipment still controlled with electrical devices.(Career Information Center) Electrical and electronic engineers may supervise crews of electrical workers who do routine work in the generating station. They often use their knowledge of electrical engineering technology to diagnose electrical workers to do them. Some electrical and electronic engineering technicians work for industrial plants that use electricity.(Career Information Center) Electrical engineers apply their knowledge of the science to working with equipment that produces and distributes electricity, such as generators, transmission lines, and transformers. They also design, develop, and manufacture electric motors, electrical machinery, and ignition systems for automobiles, aircraft, and other engines.(Careers In Focus: Engineering pg.55) Electrical engineers focus on high-power generation of electricity and how it is transmitted for use in lighting homes and powering factories. They are also concerned with how equipment is designed and maintained and how communications are transmitted via wire and airwaves. Engineers use basic knowledge collected by scientist to solve a
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