Electrical Fire in Club

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An electrical fire starts in a nightclub with at least 250 to 300 patrons inside and quickly spreads throughout the club. Due to the nightclub’s location, in a high crime area of town near abandoned buildings, security bars cover the doors and windows. All occupants of the building, with the exception of the nightclub employees, are unaware of the other exits available during an emergency and a vast majority stampedes the front door to seek safety. As the fire continues to spread, heavy smoke proceeds to fill that main room where most of the 250-300 patrons were at the time. This heavy smoke causes patrons to lose visibility and have difficulty breathing. The patrons that have been able to escape the building suffer from major to minor injuries, while some patrons are still trapped. These patrons are suffering from burns and severe smoke inhalation (some may have possibly succumbed to the injuries). The nightclub’s employees have exited the building through various exits and contacted 911 and emergency personnel (fire department, police department, paramedics, etc.) arrive within 10 to 15 minutes of the first call. Ultimately, there are over 110 fatalities (on-site and at the hospital) as a result of this fire. Over 100 patrons also suffered physical injuries and most will be affected mentally and emotionally as a result. The nightclub is located in city with reasonable resources; however, the city has also been subjected to severe budget cuts. These budget cuts have

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