Electrical Lineman Essay

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The career i’m wanting to do is a electrician lineman because my dad’s friend inspired me. Why because my dad’s friend is a lineman and he is always talking to me about his job. He says it’s a lot of fun it passes the time makes time go by quick. What a power lineman does is they can fix or install electrical lines he also said you have to be very INFALLIBLE. But like every job you have to take certain classes in college for a job, but this job you need to be good in mathematics and you need your GED. You also need your driver’s license. You need to take some test as well. It’s important to understand the education or training requirements, skills or talents needed, salary and benefits offered and the duties for a particular career when making this decision.
The work environment for an electrical lineman is amazing everyone there is kind there’s always enough space for new faces it's very CAPACIOUS. The work hours for this job is more than 40 hours almost every week. Most electrical lineman are on call if there’s bad weather and if it had messed up some of the poles they have to go into work ASAP. The location for this job is world-wide
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The only two universities that have something similar to this is north dakota university and washington bothell university, and this online undergraduate program started in 2007, the class I would need to take for this is electrical engineering which would take 4 years to complete to become a electrical engineer. How long this process is going to take to become an electrical lineman is going to take the minimum of four years to complete. Well to also become a lineman you need to get either a good SAT score or a good ACT score. “Nationwide the average score for the SAT is about 1500.” ("What Are Good SAT Scores and ACT Scores?"). “For the ACT it’s going to be about between a 20 and 21.” ("What Are Good SAT Scores and ACT
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