Electrical Machines and Control Project

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The three phase induction motors are considered good because of their simplicity, rigidity, cheapness, easily maintained and could be made up with features that are suitable for most industrial requirements.

What is the Three Phase Motor? This motor (similarly to any other electrical motor) has a stator and a rotor; the stator's role is to carry a three phase winding (stator winding) which is supplied from a three phase supply. While the rotor's role is to carry a short circuit winding (rotor winding), the electromagnetic induction is the way through which the rotor winding gains the voltage and the power from the stator winding.

Advantages Disadvantages
It's construction is simple Hard speed changing
Economical starting torque is substandard to d.c. shunt motor
Easily maintained
Very efficient
Self starter torque

Construction of the machine:
As illustrated above, the three phase induction motor consists of two main parts; a) stator which is the fixed non moving part, b) rotor which is the moving (rotational motion) part fitting into the stator. the only separation between these two parts is a small gap of air with a distance ranging from 0.4 mm to 4 mm, this distance depends on the motor's power.
1. Stator: It is a frame of…
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