Electrical Power Of Ac Generators

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Power lines are cables that carry electrical power (Google definitions 2015). This electrical power is generated by Eskom, an electrical energy supplier company, and carried via the power lines to many areas around the country.

To be able to produce so much current to the whole of country, AC generators are normally used (Horner, Davies & Toerien 2012). A generator is a device that turns mechanical energy into electrical energy (Olivier 2015). A generator is usually either AC( alternating-current) or DC( direct current). An AC basic principle is that the coil rotates mechanically in a uniform magnetic field; this magnetic field then induces an electrical field. Due to a part of the coil always being connected to the same slip ring and brush it can be said that the brush is sometimes negative and sometimes positive (Olivier 2015).

Although it’s easier and cheaper to use AC generators one must take into consideration the health hazard that accompanies the use of power lines that transports this alternating current.
Investigation Question
Is there a health hazard that accompanies the use if power lines in residential areas?
The use of power lines in residential areas can be seen as a health hazard.

Literature Review

Source A: (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences 2014)
• Is there a link between EMFs and health

This source explains that EMF ( electric and magnetic fields) are invisible forms
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