Electrical Vehicles and Benefits to the Environment Essay

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Electrical Vehicles and Benefits to the Environment There is a serious problem facing the world right now. It is air pollution. The number one contributor to this epidemic is automobile emissions. We have all heard of the issues that are involved with air pollution including the depletion of the o-zone layer, the green house effect, and acid rain. The problem has been scoped from every imaginable angle, and now it is time to solve the problem. I propose that each of the ‘Big Three’ (Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler) car manufacturers be required to have 10% of their product line as EV’s By the year 2010. I propose this because it will be the start of cleaner air, EV advancement, and awareness of EV’s and how they work. …show more content…
in the morning without you, the house owner, being awoke.” (Background to our EV Project) This was a justifiable cause for people to create the electric vehicle in the first place but it does not tell why the electric car has had a resurrection.

It wasn’t until the early 1970’s that car manufacturers saw a need to restrict the pollutants from their automobiles. Thus came the advancements of new emission controlling components in the vehicles. There was the catalytic converter which changed carbon dioxide into carbon monoxide, this change still resulted in pollution but significantly decreased the harm done. Next came EGR which is Exhaust Gas Recirculation and forces unburned gas from the exhaust back into the engine making the car far more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. Unfortunately the next thing to follow was a serious toning down of the power of the engines. The earlier thoughts were that bigger and more powerful were better, however these types of cars sent pollution caused by automobiles into an exponential growth. The internal combustion engine vehicles that are on the road right now account for the vast majority of the air pollution around the world. The electric vehicles, however, have zero emissions. If this proposal is passed, then the condition of the urban airways will be
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