Electricity Generated By Hydropower Electricity

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Hydroelectricity is electricity generated by hydropower, the electricity is created by using the gravitational force from falling or flowing water. Throughout the entire world it makes up 16% of the renewable energy used making it the most widely used source of renewable energy. In 2010 there was 3427 terawatt hours and with a power plant larger than 10 megawatts it costs 3 to 5 US cents per kilo watt which also makes hydroelectricity one of the cheapest forms of energy. Hydroelectricity is expected to increase 3.1% each year for the next 25 years which eventually means we will be producing enough electricity to power over 1000 United States. Looking at the stats hydropower ranks first among all other renewable energies and if we keep up and continuing to put in power plants hydropower can continue to stay on top of all the other renewable energies. The way hydropower works and operates so efficiently is because it uses falling water or flowing water which is already happening naturally in the world. The plants work by allowing water into a small area and then it flows down and pushes a turbine which then charges a generator to create electricity and then flows out the other side continuing on with the path of the river. The turbine spins and creates electricity to be used. Which leads to the biggest hydro powered plants being in dams or on large rivers to take advantage of the large body of water. There are many different types of way the energy is created there is the…

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