Electricity in a Box

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“Electricity in a Box” is our new unit in Design Technology. Our MYP Unit Question for this unit is “How important is electricity in our modern society?” and our significant concepts are to develop a knowledge and understanding of electrical systems, uses, dangers along with a consciousness of electrical safety. We have discussed what electricity provides us by brainstorming. The problems and benefits associated with the electrical systems, both in Bangladesh and also on a global scale are very important even how it can be best supplied and produced is also very important. All the benefits that electricity can provide us are seen in everyone’s daily lives. It can include all types of electronics, appliances, lights, providing power to non-industrial and industrial electric cars, machinery, etc. There are a lot of key things connected to this. One of the key things is the power plant that provides electricity. While some are eco-friendly, some may affect the environment. Many environmental organizations are most recommended as an option for the eco-friendly. The options include wind, hydroelectric, solar, tidal and geothermal. I think solar energy is very popular in a global scale and in Bangladesh. Solar is used my solar panels which absorbs photovoltaic cells and it transfers to electricity. There is this foundation called the “Bright Green Energy Foundations” and according to that, over 400,000 home systems has been installed for people in the rural areas who cannot
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