Essay about Electrochemical Energy Storage for Electrical Grid

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The current worldwide electric generation is estimated to be about 20terra-watt hours [1]. Almost 68% of the electrical supply is generated by using fossil fuels as the raw material, nuclear accounts for 14%, hydro 15% and the remaining 3% is from renewable resources. The worldwide electrical demand is going to double by the mid-century and triple by the end of century. As the demand will increase so will the generation, which means more fossil fuels will be used which in turn will create more environmental problems. Due to these environmental issues, many countries are now utilizing renewable resources for green electrical generation. Solar and Wind are the most abundant, developed and readily available sources for generation [2] and…show more content…
Batteries are usually referred to as electrochemical energy storage devices. Chemical reactions in batteries cause them to either store or generate electrical energy. Parameters for Batteries evaluation: The most common parameters use to evaluate a battery are [5] • Storage capacity or charge density, Coulombs/litre • Energy density, J/Kg • Power density, Watts/Kg • Voltage efficiency • Lifetime: shelf-life (resistance to self-discharge) or charge/recharge cycles. Physical Limitations of Batteries: Physical constraints or limitations related to batteries performance are [5] • Effective surface area of electrode • Current density of electrode surface • Side reactions • Rate of diffusion of electro active components Electrochemical Energy Storage Technologies: Lead-Acid batteries The lead acid battery is the oldest known type battery. It was invented in 1859 and still is in use due to its cost effectiveness. These are often used in cars, wheelchairs and golf carts etc. [6] It has several cells connected in series, each cell delivers 2V and each consists of several pure lead spongy cathodes (Fig-2), a lead oxide anode which is positively loaded and a 20%-40% solution of sulphuric acid which is an electrolyte. When the battery is in discharged state both electrodes turn into lead sulphate and the electrolyte
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