Electromagnetic Radiation and Electron

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Lab 1: Radio and Light Waves Virtual Lab
1) How is the radiating electric field (or electromagnetic signal) produced when radio stations broadcast? Include a description of what is producing the signal as well as the reasoning behind how this could produce a signal. We know that electromagnetic radiation is produced by accelerating charges. In the radio transmitter, electrons oscillate up and down and are thus accelerating. An electron will exert a force on another electron when they are some distance away, like charges repel. When the electron in the transmitter oscillates up and down, the direction of the force it exerts changes since the source of the force is moving. It takes some time for the change
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The wavelength of the wave the distance between the peak of one wave and the peak of the next, between the minimum of one and the minimum or the next, or between any two points the encompass one complete wave cycle. Equivalently, this is the distance the wave travels from when say the electron is at the peak of its motion and the next time it gets to the peak of its motion. Either way this is about 10 or so grid points.
5) If the amplitude is increased, what happens to the wavelength? The wavelength stays the same
The amplitude affects the strength of the force, that is the length of the force vectors in the electromagnetic wave. The wavelength of the wave depends only on the frequency with which the electron in the transmitting antenna is oscillating up and down; and the speed of light.
Wavelength x Frequency = Speed of Light
6) If the oscillation frequency of the transmitting electron decreases, the oscillation frequency of the electron in the receiver is instantaneously affected.
It is False:
The electron in the receiving antenna feels only the force resulting from the electromagnetic wave at its current location. It only receives the transmitting electron because of the effects that the transmitting electron has on the electromagnetic waves. So the receiving
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