Electromagnetic Spectrum Essay

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The electromagnetic spectrum is made up of six different types of waves. Radio waves, Microwaves, Infrared waves, Visible light, Ultraviolet light, X-rays and Gamma rays. The radio waves are used to transmit radio and television signals. The infrared waves are used to tell temperature of areas. Visible light is all the colors that we can see. Ultraviolet light can help things grow but to much can cause diseases such as skin cancer. X-rays are used as a tool to find broken bones or take pitchers of our sun. Gamma rays are used in medical science but they are oftenly used to produce images of our universe. If you would like to know more about the spectrum keep reading.

The electromagnetic spectrum is the organization of six diferent
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The reflected waves can be used to form an image of the ground in complete darkness or through clouds. This would be how spy satellites work or how we take pictures of the planets surface.
Following after radio waves would be the magnificent microwave.
The microwave makes up a very small part of the spectrum although it is widely used throughout house holds across the world. Microwaves range from a few centimeters to 0.1 cm. The wave is used to heat your food. It heats your food by bouncing back and fourth across the microwave walls. In the process it causes molecules (tiny particles) to vibrate and create friction which in turn creates heat.
Infrared is the region of the electromagnetic spectrum that extends from the visible region to about one millimeter (in wavelength)
Infrared waves include thermal radiation. For example hot or burning charcoal may not give off light but it does send out radiation its just felt as heat. The infrared radiation is or can be measured using detectors
. Infrared has many applications in medicine or finding heat leaks in houses. This is what gives us the ability to see in the dark with infrared goggles to tell us what is putting off heat . It is also used in space science exploration to tell us the climate of other planets or even the heat of the sun.
The rainbow of colors we know as visible light is the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum with wavelengths. A wavelength is the
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