Electronic And Non Electronic Communication Methods

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Henry Reyes

1. Describe a range of electronic and non-electronic communication methods, including situations where they would or would not be used.

Electronic and non-electronic methods for communicating business information I am going to outline the different types of electronic and non-electronic methods of communicating business information, using examples for different types of audience. Age and Attention Span The majority of younger people can not concentrate for a long time compared to older or more educated people who can focus or listen for a longer period of time. Younger people respond more to videos, images and PowerPoint presentations, whereas older people might prefer to read reports etc. Age, gender and ethnicity Interacting with the audience by reflecting on their ethnic background, gender, interests and their experiences is an effective way to illustrate your explanations

- Electronic communication Methods

As technology progresses, new communications are born and old ones--many of which seemed new not so long ago--fade away. When you 're trying to connect with employees, colleagues, bosses, clients, customers, suppliers or any other business contact, you may have more choices than you realize. Whether for interpersonal or marketing communications, electronic media are critical to getting business done efficiently and cost-effectively.

Mobile Devices:

Although communication with mobile devices may be less formal than other forms of communication, people…
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