Electronic Arts: A Case Analysis

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Electronic Arts Identify and briefly describe the organization you are going to use. Why do you think it will be an interesting focus for your application of economic ideas? Electronic Arts is focused on developing and distributing video game software content / services on different devices. Their primary concentration is to provide game related content in a number of categories including: action, adventure, role playing, sports and traditional names. The company sells its merchandise through mass market retailers and specialty stores under the EA name. ("Electronic Arts," 2012) What makes the firm so interesting; is the fact that its products can provide an indication as to the mood of consumers. This helps executives to understand what products, services and activities are most important to cliental. It is at this point when these ideas can be used to more effectively reach out to these individuals. Pick two of the Big Ideas referred to in the Power Point presentation below. Discuss how they apply to your organization. The two big ideas that are most relevant include: choices involve tradeoffs and key macroeconomic propositions. Choices involve tradeoffs is when people are giving up something in order to realize the benefits of the alternate choice. In the case of EA, video games are something many individuals cannot live without. This means that they will focus more on what is happening with the game versus their real lives. When this occurs, it is indicating

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