Electronic Banking, An Automatic Delivery Of The New And Old Banking System

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Electronic banking is an automatic delivery of the new and old banking system of products and services to the customers.They give the service by the electronic and interactive communication channels. Financial institution customers, individuals or businesses are included by the E-Banking system which allows the system to access the account and also transact the business to obtain information about financial products through a network which is public or private by including the internet.[1]. For carry out financial transactions, online banking gives easier and more comfortable way.The people who uses Internet faces different kinds of problems when they use internet for banking.The main problem of the E-banking is hacking of the banking system. Hacker theft the personal identification number (commonly called a PIN number) and ATM card number when we use that kinds of electronic card. Mainly when we use ATM card and give a PIN number, then there should be a great chance to be theft the information. For the online payment the same procedure followed by the hackers when we give PIN and card number. The increase in growth of online banking now suffers challenges due to attacks and the risk of fraud data compromise. Consumers are now worried about the safety of their money and information[2].These are the major problems of our E-banking system. For obvious reasons, online banking security is interesting and important, both to us as a customer and to online By doing discussion
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