Electronic Banking Sector : Vulnerabilities, Threat And Impact On E Banking

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Analysis of Information Security in the E-Banking Sector Focusing: Vulnerabilities, Threat and Impact on E-banking.
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Information technology has taken a further step in the fundamental development in the banking system. Over the years there has been a high increase in the use of internet and mobile banking. As a new way of performing banking transaction through the internet as a distribution channels. The development and increase in the information technology on the banking system has made operations and
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Although with the growth of information technology (IT) there has been a higher chance of risk
This research paper explores the security issues and challenges that electronic banking system experience with the use information technology.
Keywords: E-banking, ATM. security issues threats, impact and IT.
What is E-banking?
Electronic banking can be defined as providing banking products and services through electronic delivery channels.
Problem Statement
Since the evolution of e-banking, banking transaction has become very convenient or easy for customers to perform. However this technology has introduced a large set of risk. The breaches of security and disruption to the electronic banking system can damage the reputation of a bank. If a bank encounters a security breach, it can cause a customer to lose confidence in a banks electronic delivery channel. The Internet has grown exponentially. The Internet helps improve the communication between the bank and customers. The adoption of e-banking poses some challenges to the banking industry such as operational challenges which are fraud, processing errors, system disruptions, or other unanticipated events resulting in the institutions inability to deliver efficient services to their customers. There are several risk associated with the use of e-banking which includes systems failures, processing

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