Electronic Business And Commerce : The Areas Of E Business Systems

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Electronic Business and Commerce The areas of E-business systems we operate our company with are Customer Resource Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), and Enterprise Collaboration Systems (ECS). Our cross-functional ERP systems serve as our strategic way to share information resources effectively and efficiently among business processes to enhance our CRM, SCM, and ECS. The cross functional technology allows our managers to communicate, coordinate and collaborate easily and efficiently with in house email, video conferencing, calendar and schedule, and project workflow systems. Our cross-functional systems support the human resource management effort as well (Sawhney, Zabin, 2001). The main benefits we see in information sharing within our business processes are an increase in quality, a decrease in costs, and its usage towards decision making. Customer Resource Management is used to acquire new customers, enhance customer experience, and retain existing customers use application that utilize our cross-functional intranet. CRM is used to aid our sales representatives in contacting, prospecting, and achieving direct marketing to acquire new clients. Web-enabled account management and customer service, via live chat, help to keep customer happy. Additionally, due to the nature of the services we offer, value is perceived by customer due to the convenience of our bundled services at attractive prices. These efforts help to…

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