Electronic Cards Should Not Be Compact And Easy

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This Single Card Wants To Replace All the Plastic in Your Wallet
We live in an era where everything we want should be compact and easy. No one wants to work extra by carrying anything that’s big when you can just carry something compact, which is simpler. Wallets were made, so that money (cash) can be kept together instead of just keeping it in pocket. The payment card is a huge invention instead of carrying cash in your wallet for payment. Why carry fat wallets with all your cards and mule about it? Imagine one card that has all your cards, and is electronic. Shocking, right? Technology has come a very far away. One electronic card storing all your credit, debit, gift, reward, loyalty, membership, and even key cards which says it is safe
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In the beginning, when Orkut started its social media era in 2004, I never thought there would be something better for social media, but then came Facebook. It heard about Square, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Wallet? Advent of these applications isn’t complete digital yet. These electronic cards shift us to a complete digital era. Never imagined technology would go so far that something advanced than applications for payment would ever come, but electronic cards storing all your cards is a whole new level.
“Slow and steady wins the race,” is a wise saying, but doesn’t exist in this era anymore, people in this era believe “...slow and steady wins the race, till truth and talent claim their place” (B. J. Novak). “User” company launched a similar product ““Coin”,” a year before “PlastcCard” was launched. “Coin” was the first electronic card that could store all your cards; however “Coin” didn’t have enough technology, it failed to satisfy costumer’s expectations on time, and storage issues. “PlastcCard” Company has launched a prototype of “PlastcCard” and started a Pre-order of the product. Although, “PlastcCard” is $55 more expensive than “Coin”, consumers still prefer “PlastcCard” to “Coin”. “PlastcCard” released its prototype after “Coin” did, but was successful because it came up with better features like touchscreen where “Coin” just had a display and click button, E-ink
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