Electronic Cigarettes: A Safer Alternative?

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Existing smoking cessation programs have high failure rates if no nicotine replacement is being used, however, smokers who use nicotine replacement therapy or more likely to stop smoking than those without. So that brings us to electronic cigarettes a new growing trend which may prove to be an alternative to current replacement therapy products. In the United States electronic cigarettes are being advertised as a safe alternative to tobacco products, even though they are not currently regulated by the FDA. Although, electronic cigarettes have not been proven as a viable alternative to other smoking cessation products, there is evidence people are using them for nicotine replacement therapy. It is estimated that e- cigarettes have become more prolific than any other traditional NRT product. The goal of this research paper is to look at:
• Health concerns to the general public from electronic cigarettes.
• Does the benefits of electronic cigarettes out way the potential side effects of their use?
• Nicotine liquid solution. What’s in the vapor?
• Electronic cigarettes vs Tobacco cigarettes.
• Usage, who’s using them.
• Might increase use of nicotine and tobacco products in children.
There are issues that been found and need to be addressed. There have been concerns…
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