Electronic Cigarettes Research

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An electronic cigarette, or E-cigarette, is a new form of tobacco product that is increasing in its popularity; it allows one to inhale a vapor in the same way one would smoke a traditional cigarette ("E-cigarettes and Lung Health"). Some people believe that E-cigarettes are better than cigarettes for various reasons, and this belief may be true. These claims do not mean, however, that E-cigs should be welcomed with open arms because of the risks still involved in them. E-cigarettes are dangerous, like tobacco, and their risks should be evaluated being that they are not a good choice for anyone. They should not be made accessible to teens because of the many dangers one can see just with a quick glimpse into E -Cigs. The first red flag one…show more content…
Electronic cigarettes are considered to be “a gateway drug,” which means one is more likely to use tobacco or a different drug after being exposed to nicotine from a traditional cigarette or additional harmful substances (Griffin). “A 2011 study by Eric R. Kandel and colleagues at Columbia University found that nicotine exposure increased mice’s sensitivity to cocaine’s rewarding effects via an epigenetic pathway; if the same holds true in humans, nicotine could serve as a gateway to the abuse of other substances (Volkow).” In other words, once one has allowed their body to be exposed to nicotine, in any form, they would be more likely to be involved with drugs or other harmful substances because of the addiction habits that can form just from their start in nicotine (Volkow). Even the flavor ingredients used in the vapor are not safe to inhale, though many manufactures would like to say different. The FEMA GRAS, or Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association Generally Recognized as Safe, status of the “vape juice” is a deceptive statement in that, it applies to food, but not inhaled substances ("E-cigarettes and Lung Health"). The side effects involved with those who ‘vape’ regularly are still not widely known but we do know that that the withdraw symptoms include depression, anxiety, lack of focus, and over all reckless behavior
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