Electronic Code And The Uniform Commercial Code

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Acme Fireworks
Brandy Noell
BUS 311: Business Law I
Instructor Brian Lahargoue
October 3, 2016

Amce Fireworks
Acme Fireworks sells kinds of fireworks that include but are not limited to single-use and aerial display ground show. If an individual can think of it, Acme Fireworks can supply it. Acme Fireworks is a sole proprietorship that started out in a smal garage and is now looking to change requests that will create a larger employee base with skilled labor, causing more liability risk, and higher demand for what some may deam either dangerous or even a hazzardous product, which in turn will prompt evaluation of insurance coverage and protocol. The company would have to adhere to common law or the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) due to the expansion. In this paper I will determine if the company will be governed by common law or the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), determine if a contract was formed by presenting its five elements in regards to Acme Fireworks, analyze the dynamics of personal liability, Provide an examination of the advantages and disadvantages of different types of employment agencies that would benefit Acme Fireworks that are pertinent to agency law, and supply a recommendation of a new business entity, to conclude supplying the reasoning for my recommendation.

Its my job to ascertain if the contracts with the businesses will be gonverened by common law or Uniformed Commercial Code (UCC) and expalin my the reasoning. When examining the overall…
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