Electronic Code And The Uniform Commercial Code

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Introduction Acme Fireworks sells fireworks in all their myriad forms. Single-use, aerial display, ground display; if there 's a need, Acme Fireworks supplies it. Starting out as a garage endeavor, Acme Fireworks is a sole proprietorship that is looking to change its entity status due to a recent influx of bigger business contract requests that would mean a larger employee base, more liability risk, and higher demand of a dangerous product (prompting evaluation of insurance protocols and coverage). This act of expansion would lead to the company adhering to the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), as “an order or other offer to buy goods for prompt or current shipment shall be construed as inviting acceptance either by a prompt promise to ship or by the prompt or current shipment of conforming or non-conforming goods” (Uniform Commercial Code, 2003, Sec. 2-206). This expansion would likely also prompt a change of entity from a sole proprietorship to a single member limited liability company (LLC). With all of these changes enacted, the company should prosper.
Contractual Governance The UCC would describe this transaction series, as it “attempts to unify state laws affecting commerce into a single code that all states could adopt to make interstate commerce easier and more efficient” (Rogers, 2012, Unit III). Given the possibility that the inquiring businesses are not necessarily in the same state as Acme Fireworks, the UCC would allow all transactions to be made on the same…
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