Electronic Codes And Its Effect On A Small Business Entity

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ACME Fireworks has come a long ways in the past 15 years and thus has accepted some changes that will be challenging. If the large orders do not continue, the company will not have the funds to pay the new employees. ACME Fireworks should expand to a larger business entity because expanding to a larger business entity will allow the company to negotiate larger contracts with other companies, and the company will never reach its full potential until it has expanded to a larger business entity. In the paragraphs that follow I will address the issues such as evaluation of the contracts and decide if they will be governed under the common law rules or the Uniform Commercial Codes (UCC). The paper will also analyze the essential elements of an…show more content…
Fireworks can have dangerous affects, whether handled properly or improperly. Fireworks are also capable of being manufactured improperly. There are warnings and directions attached to every firework package that is available for purchase. ACME Fireworks requests that all consumers read the warnings and precautions before use. Never allow children to use fireworks without adult supervision. Only use fireworks outdoors, away from homes and fire hazards. Never try to reignite used or malfunctioning fireworks. Always keep a bucket of water nearby for emergency purposes, and soak any used or misfired fireworks before discarding to prevent accidents. ACME Fireworks will not be held liable for improper handling. There are numerous bodily injuries that can occur with the improper handling of ACME Fireworks. The injuries can range from non-severe to deadly. Please handle fireworks with caution as improper handling could result in death. There are various kinds of contracts which arise within the business world today; contracts are an essential component to a business’s livelihood. Although a contract is an agreement, not all agreements are valid contractual obligations. In order for any contract to be an official and legally binding agreement, there are essential requirements which must first be fulfilled. Because contracts are vital to the organization and its success, it is important that the organization has an inclusive understanding of the inner workings of business
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