Electronic Commerce And Ecommerce Consumers

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Electronic commerce or ecommerce allow consumers to exchange goods and services. Most business or companies are using this service to reach their customers. Ecommerce have expanded rapidly over the past few years and it is still expanding widely. As we can see nowadays, lot of companies are investing more money on ecommerce to expand their business because they can see that the business can reach international market and make more profit [1][2].

One of the businesses that have expanded in the last few years is taxi services by going online and getting more customers quickly. This allowed them to get more customers quickly than any time before and expanding their business widely. Since airport transport services have
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The operators should be friendly and should be able to handle any kind of situation. Online booking are straight forward where the customer can booked their journey through that system. Mega Airport Cars website has lots of problems in their pages. Some of the main problems the website has are [3]:
• Appearance of the website
• Not up to date with offers or information’s on it
• Some information misleading
• Unnecessary images
• Bad quality of images
• Some pages are missing
• Links are not working as it should
• Too much information on home page
• Slow response time
• Not enough information about the journey when you getting the quotation
• Tracking your booking not working Web usability
When creating a website the developers have to follow different types of structures and guidelines to create the website. This is to ensure the quality of the website is met with a high standard. One of the most common talked issues is web usability where the website should be user-friendly and easy to use. Web usability provides guidelines for the developers, so that the information which is presented on the website is simple and clear for the customers.
• Appearance: As Nielsen says “Simplicity should be the goal of page design”. The website has to be crafted for the purpose of the service and should be simple. The website should contain all the necessary information on the pages but the appearance of the website must be professional and reflect the service that will be provided by
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