Electronic Commerce As Defined By Salvatore

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Research Paper – Electronic Commerce Frank Bentley BUSI 620-Global Economic Perspective Liberty University December 7, 2014 Introduction to Electronic Commerce Electronic commerce as defined by Salvatore (2013) “refers to the production, advertising, sale, and distribution of products and services from business to business and from business to consumer through the Internet” (p. 150). Consequently, e-commerce is now essential for businesses to be able to compete in the global marketplace. “E-commerce is now being used in all types of business, including manufacturing companies, retail stores, and service firms. E-commerce has made business processes more reliable and efficient” (Smith, K.T., 2011, p.3). this paper will outline those perspectives in regards to the origin of E-commerce, Business to Business E-commerce, Business to consumer E-commerce, Consumer to Consumer E-commerce, and legal environment of E-commerce. E-Commerce Origin E-commerce can be traced all the way back to the invention of the first computers in 1950. During the early stages many organizations didn’t have access to electronic data interchange due to it being relatively expense. In order for organizations to attain a competitive advantage, compete within their respective industry, or market, e-commerce needs to be implemented within the core business practice. As stated by Smith (2011), “E-commerce is now being utilized in all facets of business, including manufacturing companies, retail

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