Electronic Commerce : Global Positioning System

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Introduction The first problem regarding Electronic Commerce was that there might not be enough material available for research. The applications of Electronic Commerce are very common as countless business employee the technology to further their business abilities and potential (Gavish, 2001).
Business of different sizes among all major and minor industries continue to enter Electronic Commerce. Digital marketplaces have already torn down the walls within and between companies, bringing together buyers and sellers in one interoperable community (Bezos, 1995), (Omidyar, 1995).
In this literature review we will go through the literature side of all components for all steps required for our project, “Travel XTream”.
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There is also a major spike in B2B Electronic Commerce in countries like India and China. In China the sales rose to 444 million pounds alone in 2011. Overall the global B2B Electronic Commerce transactions reached 12.4 trillion dollars in 2012 (Sila, 2013).

Service Based Applications (CBA)
Electronic Commerce has become such a massive and wide field of business, research and development that it even poured into the service based applications of emerging electronic commerce systems that are available anytime, anywhere on personally computing systems i.e. Smartphone (Mahmoud Manafi, 2011).

Security is one of the first and most frequently presented issues in Electronic Commerce, for example online auction frauds (Lian & Michael, 2013). Security is the largest obstacle for companies working via Electronic Commerce (Mandić, 2012). Consumers are highly concerned with the possibility of having their details, required for online purchases, stolen or forwarded to other companies’ i.e. spam advertisement.

Security Measures
Unfortunately personal detail theft is not the only risk of Electric Commerce (E-Commerce), Print Scan (P.S) attack is also a major problem. Though for every problem and dysfunction there is also a solution i.e. watermarking in E-Commerce is the solution. Print Scan is the process is the process of obtaining information from an ID card’s or document’s hologram or binary bar.

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