Electronic Communication : Communication, And Where The People Have Some Level Of Actual Human Exchange

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In expanding on this topic, there are a number of factors that serve to distinguish between electronic communication, and where the people have some level of actual human exchange. One of the greatest issues surrounding electronic communication (i.e. texting and chatting), is the absence of tone, reflective listening, and voice (Wiederhold 2015). What is left are simply the visual words that can easily be taken out of context. Although colorful ways have been created in an attempt to ensure what a person is trying to say, in many instances, words and meanings are taken out of context (15). One example would be using capitalized letters. In the world of social media, capital letters means the person is upset however; when two people are verbally communicating, bolding one’s words could also mean that the person is emphasizing. Furthermore, the many abbreviations also are problematic, because people have gotten lazy and the longer the text conversation continues, the shorter the full sentences and the greater the possibility of being misunderstood, often leading to conflict (15). The same holds true for chat rooms. The written words, where maturity is lacking has also served to drive some of the largest issues on social media; cyber bullying, the inability to build social skills, and pointing to the increased level of isolation by young people.
The psychological issues young people face on social media There is one line of thought, which suggests that adults make adult…
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