Electronic Communication Privacy Act ( Eassy )

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Electronic communication privacy act
• The government has set new standards to obtain digital information of citizens introduced in 1986. The law has not changed, but the technology dramatically. ( 'US public-private partnership for cyber-security ', 2010). The government has privilege to get electronic data without needing a warrant. Some sort of movement launched against it to bring a small variation, but the debate is still going on.
Cyber intelligence sharing and protection act
• This law states how companies exchange information of cyber threats with the higher authorities. Experts say there is no need to share private information with the government. There is various privacy concerns associated with it, when companies give personally identifiable data about United States citizens. Nobody has any idea what it will be used for because of wider definitions written in the bill. ( 'Applied Cyber-security and the Smart ', 2013)
Trans Pacific-pacific agreement (TPP)
• All over the world, there is an international debate going on to build some standards to exchange data among nations on both sides of the pacific. Technology lovers are still worried about what this law will mean for digital copyrights laws both in the United States and globally. The TPP circle includes 9 countries, including the United States, Canada, Malaysia etc. The US intellectual property standards can be expanded to other counties via TPP agreement.
Issues associated with the privacy
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