Electronic Communication and Society

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Electronic Communication and Society In today's world, it is very difficult to go anywhere without seeing the impact that technology has had on societies everywhere. From homes to schools to the workplace, the impact of technology has been tremendous. Everything from appliances to machines, from phones to cars, everything has become and still is becoming more modernized in ways people would never have imagined ten years ago. The same can be said for computers and communication technology. Currently, it is very rare to find someone that does not have a cellular phone or a computer. Cell phones have become a standard for people of all ages. From school-aged children to the elderly, almost everyone owns one. In the same sense, just…show more content…
"Family and friends who live at a distance are now in touch with one another much more frequently and easily"(Riney). Not only is e-mail important for communication at home, it is also used in school. Currently colleges set up e-mail accounts for every one of their students as well as faculty. Important messages about events or class scheduling are often sent by e-mail rather than paper mail. This makes it much easier because the university does not have to print copies and then have someone to address them and send them out. They can send it to every one with just a few button clicks. Students also use this e-mail as their personal e-mail address. They give it out to friends and family and receive everything through this account. They may also use it to communicate with classmates about assignments or to contact an instructor. It has made it much easier to ask a professor a question because you don't have to worry about catching them in the office. It also makes it easier on the teacher because they don't have to stay in their offices quite so much, but as a result they have more work to do when they are at home. "If we didn't have electronic communications, I think I could leave work at the office more easily. Of course, I would have to stay at the office more to get things done too"(Lindsey). With many classes being online, any questions from people in these classes will all come

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