Electronic Dance Music

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Electronic Dance Music

Electronic Dance Music has now reached it’s high in the public all over the world. This genre of music was created and reformed from past generations of music and its history goes all the way back to the mid-to-late 70’s. What is common throughout Electronic Dance Music’s history is its usage of drugs between the attendee’s at these concerts, shows, festivals, or raves. Now that Electronic Music is becoming the most popular genre for young adults and teens to listen to, the public cant help but be aware of what chaos it could possibly bring. The only way to prevent such disasters of over-doses and deaths is to educate the Electronic Dance Music lovers’ on what could potentially happen to this culture if a change
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It’s a mindset of acceptance of anyone and everything. It’s a world without judgment that you cant understand until you’ve experienced it yourself” (Benanti). The problem is, with this music also comes the drugs. A study was done on the drug use and nightlife by a group of people. They explore and study all different types of music and their ties to drugs. They surveyed 775 visitors of dance events, clubs, and rock festivals in Belgium (Tina Van Havere). Their results found that the respondents who used illegal drugs were 25 times more likely to report that they prefer dance music to any other genre (Tina Van Havere). Drugs and music have been related to each other since they both first emerged, the only problem now is that the scene is at a much larger scale and that it’s kids who are doing it. There have been many cases of deaths and overdoses in the past 5 years at these Electronic Music shows which is creating a lot of discussion in the media and the public about the safety risks of the people attending these shows. The people within this culture who are working behind the scenes are concerned of the future of EDM. A lighting and sound technician Keenan Kan explains, “For the people involved in the industry, we’re concerned. We have seen it happen before. Similar situations happened when the music was popular in the ‘90s, and of course Gainesville and other communities acted on it and
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