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INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY MALAYSIA END OF SEMESTER EXAMINATION SEMESTER I, 2005/2006 SESSION KULLIYYAH OF ENGINEERING Programme Time Duration : ENGINEERING : 2:30 pm - 5:30 pm : 3 Hrs Section(s) : 3 Level of Study Date : UG 1 : 24/10/2005 Course Code : ECE 1312 Course Title : Electronics This Question Paper Consists of Eight (8) Printed Pages (Including Cover Page) With Six (6) Questions. INSTRUCTION(S) TO CANDIDATES DO NOT OPEN UNTIL YOU ARE ASKED TO DO SO • • • Total marks of this examination is 100. This examination is worth 40% of the total assessment. This examination consists of two parts. You are required to answer all questions from part A and choose any 3 (three) questions from part B. Any form of…show more content…
4.: i. each stage ii. overall cascade connection. (8 marks) 500Ω Ri1= 1MΩ Ri2= 1500Ω 100Ω RL= 100Ω Fig. 4. Q.4 [20 marks] (a) Refer to Fig. 5., sketch the output waveform of the circuit. (2 marks) Fig. 5. (b) Draw the circuit diagrams of a two-input diode AND gate and a two-input diode OR gate. (6 marks) 5 Electronics ECE 1312 (c) Refer to Fig. 6.: Fig. 6. i. Determine the range of RL (RLmax , RLmin) and IL (ILmax , ILmin) that will result in the voltage across RL to be maintained at 10 V. Plot VL versus RL and VL versus IL. (10 marks) Determine the maximum power rating of the diode. ii. (2 marks) Q.5 [20 marks] (a) Refer to the common-emitter characteristics of a BJT of Fig. 7.: i. ii. iii. Find the value of βdc at an operating point of VCE = +15 V and IC = 2.5 mA. (2 marks) Find the value of α corresponding to the βdc value. (2 marks) The following values are given as design data for the npn BJT fixed bias circuit: VCC = 12 V, RC = 2.2 kΩ. Draw the fixed-bias circuit and find RB value using βdc value obtained from part (i). (6 marks) 6 Electronics ECE 1312 Fig. 7. Refer to the common-emitter amplifier configuration of Fig. 8: i. ii. Draw the small–signal midband ac equivalent circuit. (b) (2 marks) Given VCC = 15 V, β = 100, VT = 0.026 V, draw the dc equivalent circuit and find ICQ. Find
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