Electronic Health Care

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Information technologies use of the internet by health care professional and patients alike will and has ushered in a profound change as dynamic as any that has taken place before in the history of healthcare (BAU, 2011). The potential of the internet and its influence on the success of patient centered care in the health care industry has been greatly underestimated until the 21st century. But that is fast changing no other medium of communication has achieved such great acceptance and as pervasively than the internet and information technology (Waldo, 2000). As an information tool the access to a wealth of medical conditions, diagnosis, and treatments on demand for patients 24/7 is virtually unlimited. Not only that but comparisons on…show more content…
Designed to bring U.S. medicine into the digital age, by funding grants for every hospital in the united states to have the capability to utilize Electronic Health Records (EHR), similarly physicians will have equal access to introduce HER into their practice. The long term goal is to link access to all health records not only locally but on a national health information exchange (BAU, 2011). The greatest challenge will be that organizations will need to evaluate the potential and implications of new technologies, adapt them to local needs and conditions, and minimize the risks associated with new product and service deployment. Effective improvements on quality of care and outcomes, cost savings and benefits to research has proven that it has been a great asset to the healthcare industry.
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