Electronic Health Record And Electronic Medical Record ( Emr )

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Epic software system is a fast system that combines chart review, order management, and documentation. Patient information gets organized; Analytics and embedded population management are value- based models. Value-based models support the transition. Electronic health record and electronic medical record (EMR) are often used interchangeably within the health care industry, but they actually mean different things in the regulatory arena. An EHR refers to an aggregate of a patient’s EMR data that is generated over time by various institutions and can be shared among them. An institution can use EHR technology only if it has an EMR system that is capable of interoperating with other EMR systems.
The start up cost for electronic medical records is enormous converting all charts to electronic form. Training staff and physicians on electronic medical record can be costly along with the cost of software. Electronic medical records have a wealth of patient information protecting patients information is the number one concern with HIPAA patient privacy rights mandated by the health insurance portability and accountability Act. Some of the highlights of the software are Physician personalization can be done with minimal training; Intuitive filtering tools simplify longitudinal chart review. Telemedicine options create cost-savings and patient engagement opportunities for accountable care. Patient-entered data flows directly from My Chart to the Epic Care.
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