Electronic Health Record ( Ehrs )

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Introduction Living in a world full of technology, more and more of us are overall connected to computerizing, and we expect it to do everything for us. Many years before we didn 't have technology, and mostly everyone was into making it. Now if we look at our world, everything is mostly done online. More Canadians do shopping online, students receive more knowledge about the subject their learning online, booking hotels, flights, and even do schooling online. Though looking after all this, most patients in Canada are still handed with paper based records. When we go to the doctor, most of us still receive handwritten prescriptions and our records are unrecognized.
We live in an era where we are more dependent on technology and want an enhanced access to health care system in Canada. Electronic Health Record ( EHRs a system where the basis of provinces health policy will provide a more rapidly and more effective usage to the society in need. Though not having full access to EHRs might be the barriers for many people in different areas in Canada. Some could have issues concerning about losing their medical documents, and it can diminish the waiting time in hospitals or even health clinics as well. So electronic health records should be available for everyone throughout Canada, and should be providing patients with a safer health care system.

The History First, some background: It has been reported that in the year of 1980s, high efforts were made to increase the use of

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