Electronic Health Record : Electronic Healthcare Record

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Electronic Health Record An Electronic Health Record (also known as EHR) is an official health record for a patient that is stored with multiple facilities and agencies. The main purpose of this electronic system is to improve efficiency, quality of care, and reduce costs. How can one system possibly do all these improvements to health records? Well let’s break it down to simpler terms. It will improve efficiency for individuals seeking healthcare from a different facility in the future. There will be no more paper trails, meaning no more faxing, emails, by mail, or playing the waiting game to get your records from another facility. With EHR the records will already be in the data base and they can pull up your charts within a few minutes. This means also improving on the quality of care. Such as, no more filing cabinets filled with folders with all the patient’s private and personal information, instead it will all be stored in the computers database. The last main purpose is to help facilities around the world to reduce costs. There are many ways to do this, but one way having files from so many years stored in a box around the office or storage building it will be stored in a privately and secured database. Some may ask, “What is an Electronic Health Record?” EHR is defined as a computer system used to improve healthcare delivery. Let’s give an example to further more understand this concept. An individual that has moved to a new state and needs to seek medical…
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