Electronic Health Record Security Essay

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Name: Bayo Oshunlalu
Unit #: 7
Unit Title: Electronic Health Record Security

Qu. 1. How should Sari approach the situation?
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This case is unique due to the fact that it comprises of inadvertent data disclosure, and how to deal with a grieving employee; on one hand, the healthcare organization has the obligation to investigate the recent data breach, and to rectify that problem. The other aspect of this case focuses on the recent passing of Marrisa’s husband. In this case, it is extremely important to take cautious steps in approaching Marrisa about the current development. The best approach will be to allow Marrisa sometime to grieve the death of her husband, and bring the situation to
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The next step option to further prevent this security will involve restricting access to data by requiring a password, personal identification numbers, or a callback procedure. This approach will restrict logon time to a maximum of 2 minutes; if the computer goes idle for 2 minutes, a login password will be required to gain access to the system. The only problem with previous approach will the redundant need to frequently reenter password, to alleviate this problem associated with redundant authentication, the organization can adopt the use of a biometric method of authentication, for example, the use iris scanner, fingerprint, or an electronic signature (Joos et al, 2010).

Qu. 3. What internal and external forces impact this case?
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The internal force in this case can include Marissa’s job requirement which dictate her to be on call 24-hour for troubleshooting the EHR system, the inadequate procedure for remote access control and screen logoff time, the recent change in the health condition of Marissa’s Mother that require her to move in with Marissa, the breach of pastor’s health information and the issue of employee access of Protected Health
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