Electronic Health Record System : A Rapid Transformation Over The Past 50 Years

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Healthcare system have undergone a rapid transformation over the past 50 years. An Electronic health record (EHR) allows healthcare providers to record patient information electronically instead of using paper records; a user of an Electronic Health Record System describes it benefits: One of the first physicians in the country to be certified as a meaningful user of health information technology says the electronic health record system she implemented has significantly improved her performance on measures of clinical quality by providing immediate feedback on her adherence to evidence-based standards of care. The system has also reduced the administrative burden on physician and staff, resulting in increased productivity and income for…show more content…
Keeping patient’s healthy with Electronic Health Records
Electronic Health Records (EHR) has support the engagement of patient with their medical conditions, meaning that physicians are not the only ones guiding patients to their treatment of different medical choices. Now patients are actively engage in their treatment, and have an open mind for the different medical options that they can have.
As per Mr. Makenna, the fact that patients are actively engage in their treatment with the use of Electronic Health Records (EHR) such as patient’s portals where they can access their own records, it help to keep the facility running smoothly because it reduces the number of calls and visits to the Medical Record office to ask for specific data such as lab work or different tests such as CT scan of MRI results.

Keeping Electronic Health Record errors free
Electronic Health Records (EHR) promises a number of substantial benefits, such as decreased in health care costs, but its use can cause EHR-related errors that jeopardize the integrity of the information, the consequences can imply legal issues, Mr. Makenna recall a case where a patient has an
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