Electronic Health Records : A New Division Of Health Care

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Electronic health records are increasingly being implemented in many countries. For the longest time, Canada has always needed an easily accessible, speedy, efficient, and cost-effective method to access information. Electronic health records, also known as EHRs, have been introduced to be a secure and private lifetime method to that record and provide a person’s health history (Saher, CA et al., 2010). It is known to be a new division of health care, in which paper documents have been transformed into easily accessible digital documents. These types of records are made up information from many sources, which include doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, etc. (Saher, CA et al., 2010). Information from these records are considered to be important, as it helps for future treatments, and it can be easily accessed by health care providers (Saher, CA et al., 2010). EHRs aims to be much easier and quicker compared to old-fashion paper. The main purpose of an electronic health records is to improve the health care system, such as being organized and up to date manner, as well as sharing information between health care groups without any problems to occur. Although the benefits seem to be reasonable enough to be considered a replacement, however, there are many barriers to be considered when using EHRs as a replacement from paper documents. This means that this new concept can also lead to challenges, such as privacy issue, the impact on the environment, changes in…
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