Electronic Health Records And Health Information Technology

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In the last decade of USA medical history there have been little to no change in medical errors in regards to improvement of care. Meaningful Use, Electronic Health Records and Health Information Technology are practices and programs that can be possible solutions for this issue. The goals of meaningful use include improving quality, safety, efficiency, and to reduce health disparities, improve care coordination and ensure adequate privacy and security of personal health information (Hoyt,2014). With meaningful use, there are three stages: stage one begins the process of capturing date and sharing the information. Stage two is advancing the data processing and sharing and building off of the first stage. Stage three is the examination of the outcomes. Meaningful Use is defined under the Center of Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) and is essentially an incentive program through the government to create a health system that is run electronically and provides higher quality of care through technology. Since the goal is to create safer and higher quality through HIT by providing an incentive for EP’s to further develop their use of the technology there must be a time line in place in order to know whether the Ep’s hitting the requirements. This year, 2014, is originally a major year for Meaningful Use however, with changes in the time line, the cost of HIT, and the increasing of objectives can lead to major complications in the initial timeline created.
Meaningful use is a subsection
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