Electronic Health Records And Tele

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Introduction The use of electronic health records and tele-nurse has become very popular across the United States recently. These techniques allow offices to go paperless. Converting to electronic health records and tele-nursing has been proven to improve the overall success of physicians who are willing to convert to these methods. To make the best decisions, doctors must have the most accurate and up-to-date information for each client. Proper implementation of these methods will take time to work to perfection. Electronic health record and tele-nursing will guarantee that each patient receives the best services with a minimum of mistakes According to Furguson, “Telemedicine is the use of medical information exchange from one site to…show more content…
As a result, doctors will have to be especially careful to ensure that only authorized personnel has access to viewing client’s records. The government has set laws that govern how and when a client’s medical records can be viewed. First, any healthcare provider is mandated to notify the client if there has been a breach of information. In the United States, more than 500 hundred patients a year are victims of unauthorized viewing or breach in confidentiality (Shaul, 2000). Nevertheless, it is nearly impossible for a patient to correct an error in his/her medical records. When a patient has been the victim of medical identity theft, the patient and the culprit’s information becomes a new unidentified patient. Determining which information belongs to the original patient and the thief can become a long task. The thief might use the victim’s information to have major or specialty procedures completed. Such claims can be very expensive and cause the victim to max out on allotted treatments by his/her insurance company. Often, the victim does not realize that he/she is a victim until they go in for an actual procedure and their insurance claim is denied Ethical Issues Some ethical issues have been raised due to electronic health records. The major question that patients have is who is actually viewing their information and how will unauthorized
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