Electronic Health Records (Ehr) Are Digital Patient Records

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Electronic health records (EHR) are digital patient records whose interoperable and sharable use can lead to improved safety, effectiveness, efficiency, and timeliness of care. The value of EHR is leading to more efforts into integrating medical organizations with the rest of the health care system to maximize patient benefits and improve transitions of care. Highlighting the case for EHR to health care stakeholders, such as organizations, organizational managers, and practitioners, will help contribute towards the integration above, in the process also supporting policies aimed to introduce EHR in healthcare. The objective of the policy brief is to demonstrate the value of EHR in promoting positive transitions of care and minimizing …show more content…

The rationale for the visits arises from exacerbation of her mild heart failure condition, with two of such ED visits resulting in hospitalization. Upon receiving discharge instructions, the patient ably repeats them accurately, but then does not follow through with such instructions after returning home. Her condition deteriorates before the clinicians realize that she has memory impairment. In such a case, the care services provided to the patient would be more efficient in case the mental health context would have been integrated with the rest of the health care system through EHR. The case above demonstrates the importance of involving health care services in EHR alongside other health care settings. Evidence for Expanding Electronic Health Records to Health Care The benefits of embracing EHR are underscored by scholarly findings of the implications of EHR. Tidwell, Wolfberg, and Corrigan (2016) explored the impacts of implementing low-cost EHR as an electronic practice management system on care coordination and financial measures. The scholars collected data from a small hospital with six physicians and six midwives handling 150 daily visits, making measurements at baseline and after implementing a cloud-based EHR system. The findings indicated that application of the EHR system led to improved care coordination within the practice and with other Independent Physician Association (IPA) members. Further, EHR implementation was associated

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